about us

We are a technology-driven company

Netcom is a Saudi company that specializes in providing innovative digital technology solutions with exceptional performance and quality to assist various enterprises in expanding their business by improving communication networks between "enterprise members" and "customers," as well as lowering operational costs.

We represent worldwide and high-tech enterprises, and we collaborate with the majority of operators to create customized solutions using cutting-edge networking components.

Our Vision

To be a results-driven technology services and consulting company that assists our clients to get the most out of their information and communication technology investments.

Our Mission

Deliver the best services , provide the state of art product Become a truly global and fully integrated service provider for telecommunication related needs.

Why choose US?

We adjust to your requirements

We offer the greatest services

Flexible business models

Strong technical teams

Quality based

Cost effective

swift order processing

We keep you up to date on a regular basis

An ambitious vision with a promising future

As 2030 Vision in technology seeks to make Saudi Arabia one of the world’s leading ICT countries by constructing a digital economy based on the industrial revolution and digital government, we at Netcom offer the best technological solutions and the most recent developments in the fields of telecommunications networks, smart cities, and others to help drive economic and social development, promote good governance and strengthen national security.

Because the market suffers from a lack of modern e-commerce, the Kingdom’s government intends to increase e-commerce empowerment and contribution by 80% by 2030. As a result, more regional and international investment will be attracted.
It will also increase small and emerging firm financing, achieve high levels of growth, and ease ownership and foreign investment restrictions.

One of the most important future goals of Vision 2030 is to:

  • Expand online services to include many areas where citizens are most in need, such as health care, education, and geographic information.
  • Streamline interactions with the Internet, government websites, and other services.
  • Increase the number of communication channels between the government and citizens.
  • Reliance heavily on electronic applications in government sectors.