Loconav provides fleet management by integrating various types of IoT sensors into vehicles. These capture information and send it immediately to secure cloud servers. They use advanced AI and ML to create visibility for vehicle movement through features like location tracking and geofencing; save operational costs with modules like trip planning and management, fuel monitoring, and compliance solutions like Fastag; and significantly lower vehicle maintenance costs through data from on-board diagnostics sensors and more.

Fleet management solution

With a few easy clicks, you can keep a close eye on your fleet. Manage anything using our simple management system.
Live asset tracking
Automate trip management
Fuel monitoring
Route deviation
Real-time Alerts
Analytics & Reporting
Expense and maintenance management

Driver applications

Our applications enable your drivers to obtain data on delivery and communicate real-time status updates to clients.
Location tracking
Trips & navigation
SOS Alert
Driving behavior

Fuel monitoring

The Fuel Monitoring system measures the fuel level and volume in the truck fuel tank as well as the tanker compartments in real-time.
Track fuel usage trends
Detect and prevent fuel wastage
Monitor the tank remotely
Get alerts for all sudden changes in fuel level

Driver applications

We utilize our simple video telematics systems to collect dependable on-road footage and advise drivers on their performance.
Dual dash cam
DVR and time labs
SOS Alert
Driver coaching
Video capture
Live view
3 year hardware warranty
6 month cloud storage
Advanced driver assistance system
Driver monitoring System (DMS)