Our solutions will succeed in more internal control of the weather by collecting and analyzing data in providing comprehensive and accurate reports.
Temperature, humidity, dust, noise, radiation, and many chemical compounds inside are detected by the sensors
PIR & Light Sensor
Indoor air quality Pathogen Control
AM 307/AM 319- 9 Sensors in 1- 4.2 Inch E-ink Screen- Vivid Emoticon Indication- Trafc Light Status IndicatorAM 103/AM 103L- CO 2 & Humidity & Temperature- Vivid Emoticon Indication- Traic Light Status IndicatorAM 104/AM 107 - Activity Level (PIR) - Humidity - Temperature - Light - CO 2 - TVOC- Barometric PressurLoRaWAN GatewayloT CloudAPP/Web

Smart Office Solution

Our smart office solution is made up of several office end devices, one LoRaWAN gateway, and a cloud platform that helps to make offices more organized and smart in remote tasks like opening alerts, camera monitors, space management, meeting recording, light control.. etc
Magnetic Contact Switch
Smart Button
Portable Socket
PIR & Light Sensor
Sound Level Sensor
LoRaWAN® Wall Switch
Smart Scene Panel
UG65 LoRaWAN® Gateway
Smart Light Controller
Milesight IoT Cloud
AI Workplace Occupancy Sensor
Smart ButtonWS 1015G CPESemi-IndustrialLoRaWAN® UG 65 Sound Level SensorWS 302Smart Portable SocketWS 52 xSmart Wall SwitchWS 50 xSmart Scene Panel WS 156 & WS 136PIR & Light SensorWS 202Smart Light ControllerWS 558 Al Workplace OccupancySensor VS 121Magnetic ContactSwitch WS 301LoRaWAN GatewayloT CloudAPP/Web


We provide innovative solutions to increase the efficiency of buildings and regulate their internal performance through data, analytics, and the use of advanced sensors connected to the LoRaWAN and IoT Cloud” helps in minimizing energy consumption, optimizing space, Temperature, sanitation, and lighting.. etc
LoRaWAN Gateway
loT Cloud
SecurityAppliancesTemperatureLightingLoRaWAN GatewayloT CloudAPP/Web


Our solutions focus precisely on control systems and work within cities through data collection and analysis,
We aim to create an orderly environment within the city, improve building productivity, monitor streets, traffic, and energy, improve infrastructure, and improve communication technologies, to make the city run smart.


Provide a new revolution in the agricultural sector based on 4 precise operations: data collection, diagnosis, decision-making, and actions that will help in all the spectrums of agriculture, crops and livestock, monitor the weather, and irrigation, and then generates appropriate reports on the farming process.
Precision irrigation and precise plant nutrition
Climate management, and control in greenhouses
Sensors – for the soil, water, light, and moisture, for temperature management
Location systems – GPS, satellite, etc
Software platforms
Communication systems – based on a mobile connection, LoraWan, etc
Analytics, and optimization platforms
CO 2 SensorWater FlowMonitoringLight SensorSubmersible WaterLevel SensorUltrasonic Distance/Level SensorLoRaWAN GatewayloT CloudAPP/Web

Line CrossingPeople Counting

Our advanced occupancy sensors regulate the movement of people crossing pre-determined areas such as entrances, exits, and corridors by analyzing and calculating the volume of people flowing at this time and the volume of crowding, the service will make you know the areas of crowding and give directions to reduce and resolve it
Easily monitor the movement of crowds
Control the number of people in a specific location
Integrate access control
Tracking, instant urgent event notification
Instant display of crowd status
loT CloudCounting Sensor VS 132- 3D ToF Technology10- Anonymous Detection (Compliant with GDPR)99.- Ultra-high Accuracy- ToF Light Source for Complete Darkness- Bi-Directional People Counting- A Million Local Storage Capacity- Flexible 3 Installation ModesLoRaWAN GatewayAPP/Web

Workplace occupancy

We create a new spirit within the workplace by using analysis and statistics to save energy and spaces within offices,
Reports help on restructuring for optimal space utilization in routing, room booking, reservations, floor plan design, and optimization, asset maintenance and management, energy efficiency, and sustainability all done remotely and through structured processes
Employee needs.
Office Utilization
Meeting Room Occupancy
Line Crossing People Counting
Line CrossingPeople CountingMeeting RoomOccupancyWorkstationDetectionOfceUtilizationLoRaWAN GatewayloT CloudAPP/Web

Waste management

A waste management solution will help waste management companies get real-time information to make better decisions through the smart sensors and data collecting that measure the filling level inside each bin and then send notifications before the maximum limit is reached,
On truck data collection
Operation Management
Container volume sensors
Containervolume sensorsOperationmanagementOn truckdata collectionGPS