Telecom supplies

Netcom can be your single source of critical components needed for the success of your business.

RF passive products

We provide you with a leading brand of Interconnect solutions i-flex which provides RF-distributed antenna system (DAS)as well as RF passive. We are known to have the most advanced transmission line passives in the industry which includes the Low Smoke Zero Halogen (LSZH) cables

UTP/FO cables & accessories

We provide the most advanced range of high-quality products and solutions, such asClass CAT 6, Cat6A, and Cat7A structured cabling, fiber optic cables & Cabinets, and Accessories

Uninterrupted power supply solution

We supply you with an excellent variety of high-quality, reliable UPS devices with high power factors, ranging from 1KVA to 520 KVA. We also provide a large range of high-quality battery products (AGM, GEL, Pure Gel) ranging in capacity from 12V, 5Ah to 12V, 200Ah


RF Solution

Telecom department of NETCOM offers several RF Solutions applicable to telecom industry that’s includes :
  • RF Design & Implementation services
  • Network Optimization
  • Consultations
  • Cell Enhancer

NETCOM Telecom department has Design, Implementation, and Project Closing capabilities, as well as high-quality teams working on multi-RF solutions.
  • Site Acquisition 
  • RFdesign& planning 
  • Implementation
  • Site Integration 
  • Optimization & walk test
  • Commissioning
  • Site Acceptance & Handover


Our Team experience and technology features enable us to deliver a wide range of in-building services such as: – Site Aquasiation
– RFdesign&planning
– Implementation
– Site integration
– Optimization & walk test
– Commissioning
– Site Acceptance & Handover

Outdoor , Civil & Electromechanical

Netcom has vast expertise in telecom outdoor civil & electromechanical, and we supply the following outdoor & civil solutions: – Camouflaged Towers
– Palm Tree telecom sites
– Solar & Wind energy solutions
– MW solution
– Transmission Solutions
– UPS solutions – Dismantling