Digital services
We lead you to an advanced digital world with advanced technologies that create more opportunities
provide solutions, services, and products based on
smart plans and effective strategies

Telecom Services 

Our teams have a vast experience in telecommunications systems, providing you with advanced technology through a variety of products and services to make your communication better and run more efficiently with the global track whether it is through the phone or the Internet

Fiber Work Services

NETCOM specialized in Fiber optic installation and Services, our teams having very good experience in the field providing high quality & on time deliveries including

Outdoor fiber work
Indoor Fiber networking
Fiber Civil Work
FTTH projects
Splicing, OTDR testing
Fiber Closure work
Cabinet Arrangement/Replacement

In-Building Solution

NETCOM provides design and consultation for IBS solutions total In-Building &TETRA Wireless Solutions, including delivery of Active & Passive types of equipment, RF design, implementation, optimization, and RF coverage using fully integrated RF tools.

Site Aquasiation
Site integration
RF design & planning
Optimization & walk test
Site Acceptance & Handover

We in NETCOM work on the technologies that improve the customer's network starting from 5G & cloud-based solutions

Outdoor, Civil & Electromechanical

NETCOM teams have extensive experience in telecom outdoor civil & electromechanical, we offer wireless network infrastructure, consulting services, and tools in the field of Civil, telecom towers and MW, camouflage, and other outdoor services, etc.. also, we offer solutions for outdoor & civil:

Camouflaged Towers
Palm Tree telecom sites
MW solution
UPS solutions
Transmission Solutions
Solar & Wind energy solutions

RF Solutions

Telecom department of NETCOM offers several RF Solutions applicable to the telecom industry that includes:

Network Optimization
Cell Enhancer
RF Design & Implementation services

NETCOM Telecom department has Design, Implementation, and Projects Closing capabilities and has high-quality teams working on multi RF solutions

Site Acquisition
RF design & planning
Site integration
Optimization & walk test
Site Acceptance & Handover

Electrical Services

We provide services and solutions in electrical business projects with more safety and accuracy in terms of the equipment used and high-quality wires free of risks or problems and environmentally friendly to achieve a better level.
Electrical meters survey
Site control
Electrical wiring
Indoor wiring
Electrical meters maintenance
Electrical cabinets installation & testing

Companies’ offices arrangement

Your workplace may be much more than a place where you work. It has the potential to completely improve your business in a variety of ways, as well as changing the working atmosphere for your staff.
NETCOM specialized in the building of company offices. We supply and install the following items, ranging from offices to IT and tiny essential tools:
Solutions for smart workplaces
IT Support

Networking ( IT , Fiber , Data center )

Netcom will help you plan, develop, and execute your data center’s infrastructure. We provide comprehensive documentation to help with the update, migration, and diagnostic procedures.
We supply you with:
Desktop Virtualization
Server Virtualization
Wireless Solutions
Software Defined Storage
Data Center Preparation
Active Directory Deployment
Passive Network Infrastructure