Computer Vision AT A GLANCE

Computer vision applications are powered by powerful AI software that can handle a wide range of tasks. The most common is image or video recognition, which entails identifying the various items in the image/video.
You may now simply connect your cameras. Customize the system to your needs. Deploy on the cloud, at the edge, or on-premise.

Leverage pre-trained AI Model

Safety & Compliance
Quality Inspection
Assets Tracking

Make decision with actionable visual insight

Process Efficiency
Safety & Security
Product Quality

Why a computer vision solution?

Workplace Safety

Monitor vehicle movement, monitor employees in controlled areas, best housekeeping practices & behavioral safety

Quality Inspection

Detects manufactured parts or defects, missing or misaligned parts, and visual anomalies

Asset Tracking

Track part or product inventory, equipment & space utilization, and asset location & movement

Safety & Compliance

Detect and immediately flag all unsafe behaviors or safety hazards (fire, smoke, spills, vandalism, contamination risks, etc.)

Visual Search & Training

Perform a historical search of all events and anomalies and retrieve video evidence of all detections