Ensure the Worldwide Health of the Occupants.
Indoor air quality (IAQ) is the term used to describe how well a building’s current residents can breathe comfortably and with minimal risk to their health. It serves as a reliable indicator of a building’s general health and is crucial for ensuring that its residents are safe, healthy, and happy.
Enjoy peace of mind knowing that your critical space indoor environment is safeguarding the delicate. Our products monitor air quality in a school, hospital, isolation room, data center, or other location. Pressure, temperature, humidity, dust, noise, radiation, and many chemical compounds found indoors are all detected by sensors.

Smart Office Solution

Obtain actionable insights, enhance decision-making, and explore the potential of the workspace for a smarter office with a turnkey solution that keeps you one step ahead.
We provide a fully integrated smart office solution that includes everything you’ll need to build your own applications in order to solve office problems and explore the potential of the workspace. CoWork Smart Office Solution is made up of several office end devices, one LoRaWAN gateway, and a cloud platform that provides you with tools to complete various office tasks such as finding vacant meeting rooms, door opening alerts, light auto control, and so on.


We can fully operate in buildings by extracting information from IoT devices about light, indoor air quality, light, PIR (motion), energy consumption, security, and so on.
Our innovations allow people to save, use, and share data from any IoT device. Everything revolves around gathering information and automating various processes. It is a simple application that offers lower enterprise costs.


The application of IoT systems for smart cities has enormous potential. Cities can improve their public transportation systems, solve the problem of urban traffic congestion, improve infrastructure, optimize communication technologies, and transform a city into the most urbanized region by capturing the power of the Internet of Things


Smart farming is achieved by combining IoT technology with traditional agricultural concepts. The technological era is enabling agricultural modernization and contributing to a completely transformed process. Sensors built into an IoT-enabled smart farming solution extract data from fields, crops, and other farming assets.
This data is critical in re-building farming essentials such as crop health analysis, real-time field monitoring, weather predictions, smart pest management, and inventory analysis, among others.

Line CrossingPeople Counting

Advanced occupancy sensors, such as people counting sensors, only require installation in strategic locations where people move from one area to another, for instance, an entryway or exit. The device’s information is sent to a cloud-based platform, where AI algorithms are used to calculate real-time occupancy and utilization levels. This information can then be integrated with other Internet of Things devices or building management systems.

Workplace occupancy

Building owners have always prioritized space utilization. A thorough understanding of space occupancy enables better strategic decision-making, the identification of cost-cutting opportunities, simplified space planning, and the validation of employee needs.
Office Utilization
Meeting Room Occupancy
Line Crossing People Counting
The AI Workplace Occupancy Sensor completely comprehends workplace occupancy data through people counting. It creates a valuable information network in the workplace by collecting extensive data, which greatly promotes data-driven management. The entrance, exit, workstation status, meeting room status, and so on can all be converted into information that can be quickly accessed for further strategic decision-making.

Waste management

Waste management software enables cities and businesses to comprehend the complex dynamics of waste production. The solution provides online access to data related to monitored bins, boxes, or containers in real-time. Smart Sensors and Smart Waste Management Software Systems are combined in the Waste Monitoring solution.
The Smart Sensors measure the fill levels in bins several times per day using ultrasound technology. The sensors send data to Smart Waste Management Software System, a powerful cloud-based platform for data-driven daily operations, via a variety of IoT networks.
Customers are thus provided with data-driven decision-making and utilization of waste collection routes, frequencies, and vehicle loads, which leads to a minimum 30% route reduction.

IoT Weather Station

All-in-One Weather Station

Specially designed for continuous weather monitoring.Milesight IoT Weather Station (WTS Series) is an ultimate all-in-one weather monitoring system.It can, for instance, include Temperature, humidity, wind speed, wind direction, barometric pressure.

Professional Version

  • Using research-grade measurement data, high resolution
  • Rust, corrosion, and oxidation-resistant robust aluminum alloy
  • Weather monitoring for difficult or accuracy-focused situations, such as national meteorological monitoring and flash flood warnings.

Smart Agriculture

We provide a one-stop suite to automatically collect and analyze data about various climatic variables such as temperature, humidity, light, soil moisture, electrical conductivity, and many others for smart agriculture remotely and in real time.

Smart Building

The IoT Weather Station combines the most significant weather data in a single device for buildings such as office buildings, apartment buildings, smart homes, etc, preventing your structures from sudden and unexpected changes in weather and keeping people safe.

Solar-Powered & Chargeable Batteries Backup

IoT Weather Station consumes little electricity allowing it to operate with built-in batteries for at least a week without sunshine.

Data Storage and Retransmission

Up to 19,000 sets of historical data recordings may be safely stored in our IoT weather station. It will continue to gather and store weather monitoring data even if the connection fails.

Robust and Rugged

IoT Weather Station is qualified to work in harsh and wet environments with IP65 rating for its WTS Sensors and IP67 rating for its WTS Hub to protect against powerful jets of water.

LoRaWAN® Based

The LoRaWAN wireless technology is the ideal answer for smart city applications, and Netcom is a leading supplier of LoRaWAN IoT Gateways, End-to-End Solutions, Sensors, and Applications. The transmission range is up to 15 km in rural areas and 2 km in urban areas (over 30x the distance of similar weather stations). Urban infrastructures will benefit from IoT and smart city initiatives in terms of a cleaner environment, more open space in public spaces, less wasteful garbage collection instances, more effective budget planning, and a variety of other aspects.